Ultra slim at 4.8mm

One of the thinnest watch in history

We have seen watches disappearing from people's wrists, and we hope to recreate the habit of wearing wristwatches by providing you with a classy, lightweight and comfortable quality timepiece for your everyday wear.

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Enpointe - large 38mm/18mm

Enpointe - Medium 34mm/18mm

Enpointe - Small 34mm/14mm

A variety of interchangeable straps

The Enpointe - only 4.8mm thick

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Durability & naturality combined

Made to last - Up to 6 years' battery life

Listen to what people say about Twissic watches

"When you first pick it up you can feel it, got a nice heft to it. As soon as I put it on my wrist, I can't feel as though it's there"

Rebecca Duncan, Change management consultant

The design & construction quality is really good. I also like the fact that I can change the straps so easily. 

Songyang Zhou, Virtual Reality Designer

"I could wear this to play the piano, I don't need to take it off. It's just very light and comfortable"

Jonathan Rogerson, Pianist

As for how it feels dancing in it-unnoticable! 

Jeanette Kakareka, professional ballerina