Our Story

Our Vision

"We shape our tools and they in turn shape us".

In modern days where your laptop, smartphone and fitness tracker display the time, most people have replaced wristwatches exclusively with smart devices. We are all distracted by the multifunctions of a smartphone and we think it is time for a change. This led to the birth of this brand - hoping to bring everyone back to the basics.


The Team and Inspiration

The founder of Twissic, being part of a watch manufacturing family business with over 30 years of experience, has seen watches disappearing from wrists over the past decade with the birth of smart devices. She hopes to recreate the habit of wearing a watch and she is proud to present Twissic - a simple, classic and timeless piece that puts a modern twist to classics. 

The co-founders of Twissic, one having practised ballet for 20+ years and the other being an architect, are intrigued by how architecture invigorate dance and performing arts. For centuries, Ballet dancers move audiences by clean, light and graceful movements. Contemporary architects pay tribute to classical techniques while infusing their work with modern twists. Our design is inspired by minimalist designer John Pawson's hyperbolic paraboloid roof in the Design Museum in London.


The Design

Smart devices have brought a lot of convenience to our daily lives, but at the same time, has introduced a lot of complexity. It is time to reconnect with the fundamentals, embrace the craftsmanship and nostalgia of traditional wristwatches. At Twissic, we place design and functionality at the heart of product development. Starting from first principles, we incorporate minimalism into the design of our watches, echoing the clean and elegance of ballet and contemporary architecture. We also believe that the best watches are designed using fundamental watch design principles that value both function and form. Twissic is designed to recreate the most enjoyable glanceable moments onto wristwatches.